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Inspiring Mission CEO Retreat

Posted on February 27, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

When I was elected as president of the International Mission Board in 1993, Bobbye and I had been overseas for 23 years. We had been in leadership roles but knew nothing about administering a large, global missionary-sending organization. We had had no involvement in the denomination and suddenly found ourselves immersed in a fast-paced task […]

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Entrapped by the Fear of Man

Posted on February 24, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

“The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted” (Proverbs 29:25). There may be a few people who don’t give a flip about what people think, but most of us are inclined to need the approval of others. In fact, upholding an image in the eyes of […]

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Spirit-Anointed Leadership

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

After speaking at three events last week on leadership, I find the topic has somewhat saturated my thinking. Although far from being an expert on the subject, I have read, studied the topic and learned a lot about leadership from personal experiences. I can attest to the fact that, ironically, one often learns more from […]

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Surviving a Busy Week

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

Last week began with a trip to St. Louis where we had the privilege of participating in a Global Impact Celebration at First Baptist Church Arnold, speaking in four services on Sunday. These events are truly a blessing as we have opportunities to continue to challenge and mobilize churches as we have been doing for […]

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What’s for Dinner?

Posted on February 13, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

Being at home between two travel weeks always poses the dilemma of what to eat. Are there still leftovers in the refrigerator, does our schedule make it more convenient to eat out, or do we plan menus and stock up at the grocery store. Actually, eating is usually a combination of those options. Having acquainted […]

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Restoring the Song

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

“Then Hezekiah commanded them to offer the burnt offering on the altar. And when the sacrifice began, the song of the Lord also began” (2 Chronicles 29:27). Many people have lost the song in their hearts. You know the feeling–those days when things are going well, someone has paid you an unexpected compliment, the future […]

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ETHNECITY–Reaching Our World at Home

Posted on February 8, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

We don’t live in Mayberry any longer! My quiet, little suburban home town deep in the Bible belt has slowly and subtly been invaded by people from all over the world. They don’t speak with a slow Southern drawl and sometimes their broken English is hard to understand. The most popular eating establishments don’t serve […]

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Inspiring Visit to CIU

Posted on February 6, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

It is always an inspiring and uplifting experience when we travel periodically to South Carolina for a board meeting at Columbia International University or to confer with staff and attend other significant events. Being individuals that are rather one-dimensional and focused on our mission calling, we have found CIU to be a quality educational institution […]

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The Spirit of Caleb

Posted on February 3, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

“But my servant Caleb, because he has had a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land which he entered, and his descendants shall take possession of it” (Numbers 14:24). All of us have encountered the kinds of problems confronting the Children of Israel when they faced the challenge of […]

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A Missed Field Goal

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin

A missed field goal can be a jubilant occasion for one team and a heartbreak for another. The New York Giants made it into the Superbowl with a successful 3-pointer in overtime, while the New England Patriots made it when the Baltimore kicker missed a relatively short field goal in the final minute. The winners […]

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