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In the Secret Place—A Pilgrimage Through the Psalms (2009)

These devotional reflections on each Psalm are the product of a life-long pilgrimage of reading, meditating and seeking to capture personal applications from the Psalms. Each morning they brought me into an intimate relationship with a sovereign yet personal God.  I was impressed with His power and authority as One who is worthy of all worship, honor and praise. The affirmation of His providence put the circumstances and trials of life into the context of His purpose.  My fear and reverence were enhanced by descriptions of His wrath and judgment, but His compassion and mercy drew me to Him.  I gained assurance He would guide, care for my every need and vindicate my enemies.  He was the rock, shield, fortress and strong tower that I needed each day as well as a gentle shepherd enfolding me in His arms. The reader will be inspired to discover a deeper love for God and for His word as well as unique personal applications from these devotional reflections.


Spiritual Warfare: the Battle for God’s Glory (2009)

We often think of spiritual warfare in terms of strange phenomena such as demon possession, territorial spirits and generational bondage or dismiss it as manifestations of blatant immorality and carnal behavior.  However, the Bible teaches us that an adversary is actively seeking to defeat us personally, deceiving us to forfeit the victorious life that Christ has provided. Satan works subtly in darkness and anonymity in tempting us to sin, indulge in self-centered fleshly desires and conform to worldly values for the purpose of depriving God of His glory in our life. This book exposes Satan’s strategy that robs many Christian of power, joy, peace and victory that results in mediocre and ineffective Christian living. Saturated with Scripture, this book will give believers a fresh perspective on the spiritual disciplines that bring personal victory in living for Christ.


Spiritual Warfare and Missions: the Battle for God’s Glory Among the Nations (2010)

Co-authored with Ed Stetzer, this book reveals why efforts to evangelize and disciple the nations in fulfillment of the Great Commission are languishing. God desires to be known, worshipped and praised among all people, language and nations. Yet Satan, as an adversary to God’s purpose and jealous for His glory, is actively engaged in thwarting global mission progress. However, it is not closed countries, government restrictions, religious opposition and persecution that is inhibiting the advance of God’s kingdom. It is Satan’s subtle strategies that result in Christians treating missions as optional, churches becoming ingrown and self-centered, the erosion of the spiritual vitality of our witness, and the lack of faith to boldly embrace our mission task. God is moving in providence and power to fulfill His mission; the question is whether the church will be faithful and obedient in the task.



Empowering Kingdom Growth to the Ends of the Earth (2005)

[also available in Spanish and Korean]

As we move into the 21st century more is being done to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ than in all of Christian history. God is using global events of war, political disruption, social chaos and natural disasters to turn the hearts of people to a search for spiritual answers that will give hope and security. This book shares an abundance of illustrations of how God is at work throughout the world while outlining the vision and strategy of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. It is a strategy for mobilizing churches to be actively involved in global missions. The reader will find a practical guide for grassroots involvement in praying, giving, and going through partnership with missionaries and other Great Commission Christians. [A companion study guide, “Impact Your World” is available—see below]


Lives Given Not Taken (2005)

[also available in Spanish]

In three years, from 2002 to 2004, eight Southern Baptist missionaries lost their lives in violent and tragic circumstances for daring to plant their lives in dangerous situations in order to share the love of Christ. It was often said that the terrorists and assassins who murdered them could not take from them what they had already given when they laid their lives on the altar of sacrifice in obedience to God’s call. With biographical chapters written by IMB Senior Writer, Erich Bridges, this book is an inspirational reflection on the testimonies and witness of these missionary martyrs. It answers the question of why missionaries go to dangerous places and challenges every believer to a willingness to leave comforts and security to endure risks for the sake of Christ.



The Challenge to Great Commission Obedience (2006)

This book is a compilation of missionary appointment messages selected from 101 commissioning services during my tenure as president of the IMB. More than 10,000 missionaries were sent out to serve around the world. The challenges to these missionaries are a relevant challenge to every believer to be obedient to God’s call. These messages will be a valuable resources to pastors for preaching on missions and would be appropriate for services of ordination, installation of leaders or commissioning missionary teams. Packed with personal and contemporary illustrations, the messages reflect the comprehensive focus of Scripture on God’s mission to reach the nations from the foundation of the world.



Great Commission Obedience: the Path to Resurgence (2011)

This compilation of 36 missionary appointment messages is a sequel to an earlier book, The Challenge of Great Commission Obedience. If Southern Baptists are to experience a Great Commission Resurgence it will be contingent on our obedience to what God has told us to do. It is unlikely we will receive His anointing and power for a renewed evangelistic thrust until we are obedient to His command. These messages, used to commission new missionaries going to the ends of the earth, are relevant to every believer. They will be a valuable resource for pastors for preaching on missions and appropriate for services of ordination, installation of leaders or commissioning missionary teams.



A Journey of Faith and Sacrifice: Retracing the Steps of Lottie Moon (1996)—Out of Print

Lottie Moon, pioneer missionary to China, has inspired Southern Baptists to give more than three billion dollars to missions since 1888 in an annual offering named in her honor. Visiting her childhood home in Virginia and traveling to places she served in China, inspired me to explore the dedication and motivation that led her to give of her life and reflect on the enduring legacy of her ministry. This pilgrimage became the context of sharing my own testimony of call and ministry for 23 years in Asia and revealing insights into how God is actively at work in China and throughout the world today.


Impact Your World to the Ends of the Earth (2006)

Training for Mission Teams (2006)

Written in collaboration with International Mission Board staff and missionaries, these two interactive studies are valuable equipping tools for local churches to grow in their involvement in global missions.  “Impact Your World” is a foundational study for understanding a strategic approach to missions and the vision that must drive effective mobilization. “Training for Mission Teams” is a practical manual that should be used to prepare short-term volunteer teams going to serve overseas. Both are available in bulk from LifeWay Christian Resources.



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