Assurance of Life’s Provisions

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin in Devotional Reflections

“There is no want to those who fear the Lord” (Psalm 34:9).

We understand there are big issues that shape the direction of our life. As Christians we should serve God, faithfully worship with the people of God and live to make a difference for eternity. Hopefully, we have nailed down the foundational values that enable us to live moral lives and contribute positively to our community.

But that is not where we live from day-to-day. Life is typically dominated by concern for meeting the needs of our family. In an evil and fallen world, we live with a gnawing anxiety about the possibility of being involved in a traffic accident, diagnosed with cancer or other debilitating disease or becoming the victim of a crime. There is no guarantee of security and safety.

In troubling economic times many people have lost their jobs and, if they have work at all, are trying to get by on part-time employment and minimum wages. The pay check doesn’t last to the end of the month, credit card debts continue to accumulate exacerbating the problem, and the possibility of foreclosure looms like a darkening shadow. Even those who are more affluent have succumbed to lifestyles beyond their means, creating constant stress.

How does one deal with the reality of need, struggling to provide the basic necessities of life? Somehow God is able to put things in perspective when the over-arching focus of our life is a reverential awe, obedient respect and worshipful submission to Him.

The Bible reminds us that, “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him” (Psalm 34:7). He is our security; it may be in the midst of tragedy, illness or misfortune, but He is able to turn our mourning into dancing and our sorrow into joy. There is no guarantee of safety in the world, but our best hope is dependence on the Lord and confidence He surrounds us with His love and care.

We may lack an adequate income to provide for our needs, but “There is no want to those who fear the Lord” (Psalm 34:9). Whether He miraculously multiplies the loaves and fishes or gives us satisfaction with less, God is our sufficiency. “He has given food to those who fear Him” (Psalm 111:5). “In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence” (Proverbs 14:26).

One will always be vulnerable to problems, stress and defeat if their confidence is in the economy or if they are under the illusion life will treat them justly. One will inevitably be disappointed and experience failure if their hope is based on their own abilities and accomplishments. Confidence that God works in all things for our good comes because we love Him and know that we are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28); therefore, we do not fear what man (or life) can do to us–we only fear God.

In summary, “Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him” (Psalm 33:18). That should give us great assurance. We can be assured, as those who fear the Lord, that His eye is on us. God is watching over us and is constantly aware of our every need, of every threat to our safety and security. He is the source of protection and every provision we need because we fear Him and worship His holy name.

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