Adjusting Back Home

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Dr. Jerry Rankin in Down Home in Mississippi

We used to readily adjust to the jet lag induced by international travel. Before the trip we would stay up all night in order to sleep timed to our destination clocks and fast for two days to force our digestive system to adapt. Maybe its our age, being out of practice, or simply the 37 hours of travel home from our Asian departure city. Airport hassle, transit stops and a 15-hour flight from Dubai to Atlanta contributed to the exhaustion and erratic sleep patterns once we arrived home.

I have found one might as well go to bed when jet lag attacks at mid-day rather than fighting it in a stupor, though awakening at 2:00 am does make for quality devotional time. The comfort of air conditioning, respite from the noise of barking dogs, an occasional explosion and the early morning call to prayers reverberating through the city while sleeping in one’s own bed gives promise of a quick adjustment.

Meanwhile, I’ll indulge in reports of our trip and the delightful time with the grandchildren that made the demanding travel worthwhile. During our visit we would escape the oppressive heat and lack of privacy with a trip up the mountain valley for a picnic. Four-wheel drive came in handy as we wound around the white-knuckle bends in the cliff-side road high above the city.

At home we enjoyed the kids menagerie of chickens, rabbits, pigeons, two large turtles and a newly acquired baby owl which Sam is seen feeding in one of the pictures. Smokey, their playful dog, is an asset to security but her readiness to prey on the birds and rabbits requires vigilance in keeping the cages securely locked.

Gloria, the energizer bunny that never runs down, often found with neighborhood playmates out in the street, was the first to demonstrate their zip line that had been installed from a second floor balcony to an apple tree across the courtyard. Mia is the more domestic child who enjoys artwork and cooking. We spent our time with her playing games on the veranda.

Though our time with them passed quickly, it was probably convenient for us to vacate the living room we had occupied as the Eid holiday followed our departure. The floor was cleared and cushions positioned around the wall. A large, room-sized tablecloth placed in the middle would be filled with goodies in expectation of neighbors and work colleagues making obligatory visits to celebrate the end of fasting.

Now that the trip is behind us, adjustments back home mean returning to travel schedules and local ministries, as well cleaning, doing the laundry and mowing the grass. I will be returning to the IMB in Richmond this week for the periodic training session with new missionaries in orientation, and then looking forward to leading a spiritual warfare workshop at a conference for church planters from Mississippi, Arkansas and West Tennessee August 27-28 in Olive Branch, MS.

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  1. Danny Mulkey

    Great keeping up with you guys. “‘Tis the season to be busy” around here with a new church year that’s just begun. But wanted to say that your impact lives on at Antioch.



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